Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi Code No.930674

Students who have the flair for sports should be given perfect coaching so that they can be the stars of tomorrow. We have full-fledged facilities for the training of Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Kho-Kho, Shuttle Badminton, Table tennis, etc. We have spacious grounds for athletic training. Specialized coaches train the teams (Football, Cricket, Kho-Kho, etc.) for in-house and inter-school competitions. The players are trained after school hours. Our students participate in various sports and games. We have an Annual School Athletic meet and Annual School Games competition.

  •  To develop awareness regarding the importance of physical fitness in individual and social life including Life Skills.
  •  To bring the overall awareness of values with regard to personal health and fitness, and to inculcate among students the desired habits and attitudes towards health to raise their health status.
  •  To make the pupils physically, mentally and emotionally fit and to develop such personal and social qualities that will help them to be good human beings.
  •  To take action individually and collectively to protect and promote (i) own health (ii) health of family members: and (iii) health of the surrounding community and seeking help when required from available community resources.
  •  To develop interest in exercise, sports and games for self-satisfaction and make it a part of life.
  •  To enable an individual to enhance inner qualities - self-mastery, discipline, courage, confidence and efficiency.
  •  To enable an individual to display a sense of responsibility, patriotism, self-sacrifice and service to the community.
  •  To develop awareness of the importance of self-defence.
  •  To create awareness among children about rules of safety in appropriate hazardous situations to avoid accidents and injuries. To acquaint them with first-aid measures about common sickness and injuries.
  •  To help children learn correct postural habits in standing, walking, running, sitting and other basic movements so as to avoid postural defects and physical deformities.
  •  To help children grow as responsible citizens by inculcating in them certain social and moral values through games, sports, Red Cross, Scouts and Guides etc.
  •  To inculcate values and skills in children in order to promote self-control, concentration, peace and relaxation to avoid the ill effects of stress, strain and fatigue of routine everyday life.
  •  To address the physical, psycho-social needs of CWSN (Children with Special Needs) in an integrated fashion.
  •  To seek in instilling self-worth thus helping students to become confident, assertive, emotionally stable, independent and self-controlled.
  •  To help release of emotional stress, anxiety and tension, leading to a reduced risk of depression.
  •  To help strengthen peer relationships, social bonding, buddy mentorship and team camaraderie
  •  To develop more positive attitude towards challenges, winning and losing, thus preparing students for life and for the workplace
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