Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi Code No.930674

Rules of Discipline

  • English being the medium of instruction, conversation in the school except in language class should be in English.
  • The wearing of the proper school uniform is compulsory, on all class days and for school functions.
  • Every student is responsible for the safe-keeping of his/her own belongings. Valuable items like gold ornaments, smartwatches, or excessive money should not be brought to school.
  • Students must be punctual and regular for class and other exercises. Absentees should submit leave applications signed by the class teacher.
  • Genuine respect and love towards teachers are important values upheld in our Indian tradition and highly recommended in this institution.
  • Great care must be taken of the school property, and students should not damage things belonging to the school or others. Any damage caused should be reported promptly. Each class will be responsible for looking after the class property.
  • If no teacher has arrived at the commencement of the class, the class monitor will ensure discipline and order.
  • Strict discipline is to be maintained in the classroom and in the corridors, and no one should remain in the classroom during the recess.
  • All pupils are expected to take part in the assembly. Students wishing to be exempted from P.T. games on medical grounds should produce a doctor's certificate.
  • No students will enter other classrooms without due permission.
  • Students shall not leave the school campus without permission.
  • Verbal requests through messengers or students themselves to allow them to go home before the school gets over will not be complied with.
  • Students found guilty of misconduct and those who use unfair means during tests/exams will be given zero in the subject and are liable to be dismissed from the school.
  • Promotion to higher classes, the issuance of conduct certificates, are matters absolutely within the discretion of the Principal.

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