Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi Code No.930674

We are sure that education and skills that our students acquire from our institution would equip them for a life of personal and professional achievements and there by contribute the enrichment of family , society and nation. The students who passed out of our school have performed extremely well in their chosen educational carrier and profession. We ensure that all the students who come here get inspiration to pursue the education with zet and passion. We have already planned and prepared the mission statements which shall be implemented during the ensuing years. The major activity in this regards are furnished below.

To provide maximum encouragement to develop reading habit under the theme Read and Grow which will be achieved through elaborate library facilities of books with active participation of children.

A special programme namely inter generation literacy drive in which our students interacted with the old people with respect to agriculture , public health and education which was prevailing in the past.

The present colourfull learning level in the school shall be enhanced by increasing the number of students with A1 in all subjects.

The attendance and regularity of the student will be encouraged with various interesting activities.

The environmental awareness shall be created through the afforestation and beautification of the campus.

The physical health of the students shall be assured through frequent medical check up ,immunization and with sufficient remedial measures.

The awareness programme against corruption and anti social activities Shall be conducted through various audio- visual programme.

The children shall be trained and guided with regard to the healthy food habit so as to prevent the wastage of food and eradication of junk food.

The road safety measures shall be taken with sufficient awareness and training programme.

As we are backed by expertise and experience of high profile faculty , we are confident to achieve the proposed mission within the specified period.

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