Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi Code No.930674

The establishment of Sal Sabeel Public School which is situated on a hillock of Sreekandapuram is a befitting contribution to the locality. This place is neither too close to the busy and noisy town nor too far away from it. This is surrounded by greeneries and the atmosphere is healthy. This place is ideal for the all round development of the children. We are proud of the CBSE affiliation up to the X std, which we got when we have started just VII std. This school is managed by Sal Sabeel Educational Trust, which is a Minority Institution approved by Govt of India. The main objective is imparting quality education to all especially to the poor. The trust which is running the school namely Sal Sabeel Educational Trust has been registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 with No. S. 692/92. Besides the school, the units of Trust are

Other Units of the Trust are:
  • 1.Sal Sabeel Girl’s Orphanage.
  • 2.Sal Sabeel Vocational Training Centre.
  • 3.P.S Ameerali Memorial Sal Sabeel Library and Masjidussalsabeel is a sister institution.

The School is started to impact a sound, spiritual, moral, Intellectual, aesthetic and physical education in order to prepare the students to face the challenges of the modern world.

The School offers co-education and gives admission to the children of all communities irrespective of caste. Creed, sect or religion.

The Teachers come to school to teach the students, the students come to the school for learning and the school functions for the teachers to teach and the students to learn. We are Proud to announce that the result of our public examination conducted by Board not by the school AISSE Examination reflects outstanding performance year after year.


Sal Sabeel Public School is set in a serene, eco-friendly campus at the heart of Sreekandapuram. The beautiful campus is a perfect blend of modern amenities and natural surroundings. Convenient road, rail, and air routes make the city well-connected and easily accessible to the international and domestic community. To equip the students for a life beyond the boundaries of a classroom, the infrastructure is equipped with facilities that include a fine library, dedicated music room, A.V room, a spacious mess hall, and well-equipped sports facilities. Along with the spectacular infrastructure at a serene location, the school dedicates itself to present a coherent and methodical education to mould the students to successful individuals.

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